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Jul 27

I've created this space in the website for site members to post questions online that they would like me to address either directly in the forum or through online videos. Please feel free to add topi
Aug 11

Thanks for this opportunity. Please help me understand how you manage to keep your two persona as separate as you do. For instance, when you finish a video why not take off the make-up and slip on a c
Aug 11

Hi, I may be visiting New Zealand within the next month or so. I'm going to need to do a few things while I'm there. I hope to be landing in Auckland. The first is a crossdressing makeover. NZ has a s
May 18

Hello Juliett, I enjoy your videos and blog, and first want to thank you for your creative efforts and presentations educating cis gendered individuals about various issues as it relates to trans ppl
Feb 15

Advice please. Having just binned another pair I'm going to need to restock soon, however I have a slight (bad choice of words) problem. Being 6'2" out of heels getting tights which fit is not easy. A
Dec 17, 2018

Dear Juliette, As I've started to dress more I believe it has had positive impacts on my general health and welbeing. Obviously there is the benefit of trying to look after ones skin, but I have defin
Nov 23, 2018

That post certainly caused a row. One commenter wanted to turn this activity into a mental dysfunction, while others really went bonkers. Truly do I wonder if this person has ever dealt with someone
Nov 20, 2018

Dear Juliette, After serious Sunday heres one that's a little lighter. What is the most comical thing that has happened to you while dressed? For me it was merrily dancing away, caught my wig on a low
Nov 19, 2018

im sorry if this is the wrong forum to bring this up but do you have any advice or tips for a relative newcomer looking to enhance how I look I just wasn't sure if this was the right forum to bring th
Nov 9, 2018

Dear Juliette, As we are approaching the change into winter it got me thinking. I anticipate most cross dressers take a similar view to dressing as I do, in that we spend a limited time dressed and th
Oct 12

Hi. I am new to crossdressing. Used to do it when younger. I would wear my mothers underwear, but she caught me. She did threaten to punish me by buying me ladies underwear. I begged her to, but mom d
Aug 11

You look stunning! I'm only just starting to learn makeup techniques and I still look rather like a demented clown most of the time. How long did it take you to learn your makeup techniques? How do yo
May 31

Because of anatomy, women walk differently than men and it is my understanding that this walk cycle can be quite difficult to master. In any case, it will always be "performance art" for anyone born m
Feb 20

Hi Juliette, 1st of all i new to your site after finding your, amazing video's on youtube. and what a stunning beautiful woman you are . I like yourself and many other's have this hidden urge to Cross
Dec 27, 2018

Firstly, a discaimer that if this is too personal a question please entirely disregard. I'm still catching up on your vids, Juliette, while ensuring I catch the latest. Always fun. My question stems f
Dec 14, 2018

what is that lovely jazzy piece of music you use as a introduction to your videos and where is the redheaded wig purchased from
Nov 23, 2018

Hello Juliette, my name is Tracy and I recently was confronted with a situation I think you could provide some guidance with based on what I have seen in your videos. Like you, I have no desire to hav
Nov 20, 2018

I would love to be transformed by you into a stunning woman.  I love you use of make up and your clothing is stunning.  You are flawless!! Carla
Nov 19, 2018

You eyebrows look really nice - I think they have got better over time. You might like to talk about how you manage your brows to be good for both roles sometime - I think this is a problem for many.
Oct 1, 2018


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