Aug 28, 2018

Addressing a situation


Hello Juliette, my name is Tracy and I recently was confronted with a situation I think you could provide some guidance with based on what I have seen in your videos. Like you, I have no desire to have sex while crossdressed. However, someone I hold dear asked if we could sleep together while I was Tracy. You and I have a similar maxim on this point. Though I find the female form in whatever connotation it comes in attractive, I do not wish to engage in sex while I am crossdressing. You used a phrase in a past video that the conversation can leave you feeling like you were in quicksand. After my recent encounter, I COMPLETELY understand what you meant. I felt trapped and helpless. I was hoping that you could give some advice in addressing that situation. I don't know if you have been in that situation, but what would your response be if your wife asked to sleep with you as Juliette? Let's say it was not sex she wanted, but just wanted to sleep with Juliette. How would you handle that? Thank you for your time and thank you for your forum.

Always, Tracy


Aug 30, 2018

Hi Tracy, thanks for the question, it's certainly something that deserves a little thought and time in a video response. I'll try to get to that asap but as a quick answer I would say that I would separate out the question of a) sleeping with a partner and b) sleeping with a friend or stranger.


It might seem strange to think of putting friends and strangers in the same bucket but that's how I think of it :) The bottom line for me is that I probably would sleep with my wife while dressed as Juliette but we would need to have a better understanding than we do today. My concern is that it would get weird and frankly might devolve into roleplay. I've nothing against that but if the intention is to introduce the crossdressing into the bedroom as a part of you then roleplay probably diminishes its importance. The risks of souring something that could be really important to your relationship are huge. As for sleeping in the same bed while dressed... I've never even done that on my own when I've had the chance. I think it would need to start smaller - keeping nails painted, wearing nightwear etc. first.


As for friends / strangers, I know what it's like to be attracted to someone while dressed, we are only human. I think you run exactly the same risks as above but with the opportunity to laugh it off a little easier and move on with a changed relationship.


I do know what it's like to be asked that question by friends and to be honest my reaction was to tease them about it and turn it into a joke. That's often my reaction though, using humour to deflect attention.


I'll definitely take a run at this question in a video soon.



Sep 5, 2018

Thank you very much. I appreciate your time concerning this.

Always, Tracy

Nov 23, 2018

Hey Tracy,

I have an inclination as to what that experience is like, only from afar mind you. I've never gone out in public while dressed, so a first hand encounter is something I can't speak to. I can only imagine what that must have been like, yet I have an idea as to how such an attraction could happen.

I do love seeing some of the ladies, especially ones that have taken pains to achieve such a convincing look. I've come to the conclusion that one certainly can enjoy the character being played and endear the actor for the effort put into the role they've played. Outwardly, it's hard not to have a connection to the presence of one that truly is so attractive. The eye is stirred by such visions, and the body goes through it's natural progression of desire.

Only the best to you,


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