Apr 14

Attraction to trans women and when it crosses the line into problematic fetish and objectification?

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Hello Juliett,


I enjoy your videos and blog, and first want to thank you for your creative efforts and presentations educating cis gendered individuals about various issues as it relates to trans ppl within the LBGT community. My question is for cis males like myself that are attracted to the feminine features, characteristics, mannerisms, and aura that applies to both cis and trans women. As to be respectful and not offend, fetishize, or objectify trans women/the lbgt community, at what point or when does attraction cross the line and become a fetish, objectification, or "tranny chasing" in your opinion?

Hello Jamaal and sorry for the delay, I've been lax on the old website recently... I guess for me it's like anything really, if it exists as part of a relationship or a genuine and open attraction then it's fine. If it's a dirty secret and something you wouldn't consider in a genuine relationship then it wouldn't be welcome attention. I guess that would be my opinion if I were single.


I've been approached by plenty of guys who wouldn't be seen dead with a trans-woman on a regular day out and I guess that's the dividing line. If you would date the person openly then it's probably going to be fine. There are exceptions of course but I think that's a pretty reasonable expectation.



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