Dec 17, 2018

Comparison with Wife's Style

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Firstly, a discaimer that if this is too personal a question please entirely disregard.

I'm still catching up on your vids, Juliette, while ensuring I catch the latest. Always fun. My question stems from your review vid for Kinky Boots. I noticed that in the pics you shared you were dressed 'down' from a lot of your looks in your videos. You typically present as a sexy, attractive 30-something but in the pics it was simply smart casual as one would expect for a theatre visit.

So the question is really two-fold.

How does your wife's style compare to your own generally? And on the few occassions you've gone clubbing together does your wife dress to match Juliette, ie. bodycon-type dresses etc.

I ask not out of prurience, you understand, but because my wife commented to me on Saturday that she liked how my tastes had changed over the last year since I came out. She and I like certain similar brands so it got me thinking about our respective styles.

The compliment was nice, to be sure. Though to be honest any 'improvement in taste' is more a comment on how I bought any old cheap crap to start with. I shudder even now. 😞

Dec 27, 2018

Hi Abbie, my wife and I really don't dress that similarly, most of my dresswear is aimed at more of a glam type event and being parents of a young child, our glam and fabulous outings are somewhat limited.


Oddly, as Juliette at home (off camera) I dress closer to my wife's style, more country casual as it were, jeans, t-shirt, polo neck etc.. You will occasionally see glimpses of this in photos etc. but it's rare as on YouTube I will glam up...


I think we all learn lots as we progress and build up our wardrobe, layering, decent accessories etc. all help to make a good impression, I suspect that when we start out we pin all of our hopes on a single dress (for example) to do all the work and as an item of clothing it probably lacks the finesse that we develop over time.


Having said that, my wife still moans if something I'm wearing is too short :)



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