Oct 13, 2018

Cross Dressing & Mens Health


Dear Juliette,

As I've started to dress more I believe it has had positive impacts on my general health and welbeing. Obviously there is the benefit of trying to look after ones skin, but I have definitely become more body conscious through dressing. While I'm not a gym bunny I definitely have become trimmer and more toned without really doing any structured fitness regime. Perhaps it is that body conscious thing or just holding ones self better to have a more feminie silhouette? Perhaps it is the heels pulling and tighting muscles I don't know.

The mental sides are beneficial as well, being a wonderful way of destressing and helping me to appreciate life from a different perspective. The only thing I'm a bit concerned about is the amount of time I spend tucked, it's becoming all a bit too comfortable!

Enough of the ramble, do you think that cross dressing (together with your fitness regime) has helped your body recover from previous over exuberance?

Take care,


Nov 9, 2018

Hi Stella,


Thanks for this question, I think I will address this as part of a video about exercise etc. for crossdressing. I'm getting into all sorts of new stuff at the moment and I'm interested to see what it does for my figure in general :)


Take care and thanks as always!


Juliette x

Nov 23, 2018

Hey Stella,

My wife has asked me about dressing. I'm in the closed, and having gotten to my current weight I doubt I'll be able to come out.

Seriously, I told her that it is a relaxation. Even partially dressed, It is though a different persona comes into being. After wearing a bra and heels for a while it does make me appreciate their predicaments of pulling and adjusting through the day. Truly though, even for the short periods of being dressed I'm seemed to be more energized; it is quite interesting to get a small taste of what my wife, and most every woman, has to deal with.

Well, I've stood on the soap box long enough. Loved your post.

Best to you,


Nov 23, 2018

Dear Bo,

Fully agree regarding relaxation. Had an interesting chat with a female friend, while dressed, who said that at the end of the working day she could not wait to get home and off with heels and bra. Where as I was the complete opposite !

What she did hit spot on was the hugging feeling of a well fitting bra, and we did agreed that a comfortable and supportive bra, is uplifting both physically and sensually.

Have fun,


Dec 16, 2018

I'd have to agree with the above. The wife's noticed a change in my mood. I've dropped a little weight and I've quit drinking.

Ok that last is only a week in but that's my longest abstinence in close to 10 years, and I feel no need for a drink right now. Eyes on the future.

Dec 16, 2018

Dear Abbie,

Hopeful for you on the release from alcohol. I've stopped and now have gone quite a number of years without. There are still times that I would bite the top off a bottle of beer just to smell cap - a bit extreme, but it is sometimes a nagging desire. The benefit in family relationships has paid high dividends.

A good bra is hard to find in larger sizes. They are available through the Playtex brand, but the feel like a suit of armor to me.

I dropped my scales so I no longer can see the outcome, it's right in front of me! As I'm getting older I've noticed some really unhealthy results. If I want a change I'd best off my fanny and do something about it, a fat man in a dress is not the prettiest picture.

I'm so happy for you and wish for you a maintained journey of recovery from past desires.


Dec 16, 2018

@Bo Burgess Thanks Bo. That means a lot. Fortunately I'm without a sense of smell so that's something. Finally anosmia has a purpose!

I'm hoping the relationship dividend pays out in a few ways. I'll be healthier aand slimmer (with luck and effort), less broke, and I'll be happier dressing than I've ever been through drinking. If I'm happy I'll be a better husband, which means happy wife, happy life.

There's no downside.

As for bras well I currently wear a 42b and I've had some nice stuff (matching sets 👍) from Simply Be's sales. I've got a 3 or 4 really plain too when it's pure function.

Here's hoping we never see that monkey with his belly wand again!

(That sounds so wrong!)



Dec 17, 2018

I'd echo Bo here Abbie, congratulations on your steps so far and I hope it continues for you. Quitting alcohol either temporarily or permanently (I only managed one of these :) ) is always a great time to take stock and perspective. There's a reason why they call it a moment of clarity and it can feel good to look back and see those small but cumulative changes as they start to mount up.


Juliette x

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