Mar 20

Hi Juliette...


Thanks for this opportunity. Please help me understand how you manage to keep your two persona as separate as you do. For instance, when you finish a video why not take off the make-up and slip on a comfortable dress and spend the evening with your family ? Isn't it tempting, if not, an overwhelming desire, to allow Juliette to 'be' more and more ? Also, a technical question. How can I tell in advance when you're going to blog ? And how do I live comment while you're 'in action' ?

Thanks, you're a bit special.



'... A bit special..' sounds SO wrong. 😀

‘ a lot special ‘ ? ‘ slightly wonderful ‘ ? I see your point !

Hi Phill, I'm so bad at responding here, sorry... For me it's either all Juliette or it isn't. So there isn't really a blurring of the lines. So I do spend evenings as Juliette with my family but then I take the makeup off afterwards...


For me I'm really comfortable with the balance we have today, I get to do what I like quite a bit and a lot of what I like doesn't involve Juliette or she just isn't practical for... so the answer is that I seem to have found my balance and for the last 5 years it's been working pretty well?


For livestreams I will post on YouTube if I'm going to do one xx



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