Apr 16, 2018

How to ask me a question?


Edited: Apr 16, 2018

I've created this space in the website for site members to post questions online that they would like me to address either directly in the forum or through online videos. Please feel free to add topics or to start conversations as you wish :)

Apr 24, 2018Edited: Apr 24, 2018

Would you mind addressing what many on-line sites sell as methods of breast enhancements. From herbs, to creams and potions, it from my readings on the topic that render these methods as bunk. The testimonials showing results are awful, yet I wonder how many fall prey to these elixirs.

Do you know of anyone that has had success using these products. Certainly no a subject for an entire video, but if you feel it's worthy I wished you would add your knowledge.

It is shameful that these CD friendly sources are truly not so much so.

Stay lovely.

May 21, 2018

Hello lovely, how do you manage your eyebrows?

May 30, 2018

Hi Paul,


I'll do something soon about eyebrows, the simple answer is that I pluck them myself and as a guy I changed my glasses to something that would hide them a little so it's not so obvious :)

Jul 27Edited: Jul 27

I'll bet you've heard this before; but I'm very curious for myself and I'll try to ask this in a way that you can answer.


Have you ever had a liason en-femme? I'm going to assume the answer is yes, since I would be too tempted not to, if I looked as good as you. And I do realize that you're into feminitity, as am I.


For me personally, I think I'm leaning toward being a part time sissy. I don't think this will be all of my expression; but I want it to be part of it. I think the good girl goes bad, "very-bad," thing is going to be a turn-on for me, at least it is in my fantasy life. Aside from the titilating thrill of women's undergarments, I think this is going to be a form of escape from masculinity that "will" include sexual masochistic-emasculation. I found a lot of things I agree with on the following site, even though it's presented in a humorous way.




I "think" a great deal of my motivation has to do with the fact that "men" are expected to submit to "violet" leadership, where as women are not, in western society. As an empathetic neurotypical male, I often feel that I'm lacking in the leadership department, as the "system" promotes the worst sociopaths as being the most masculine. I don't feel the need to stop being a guy. I feel the need to destroy this "enforced" stereotype and my fear of being raped, by an "assumed" more masculine sociopath. If I can do this by putting on lipstick and heels and proactively seeking to get myself "shagged-like-a-girl," then god bless me, I'm going shopping for heels! God, I so want to go shopping for heels!




New Posts
  • Hi. I am new to crossdressing. Used to do it when younger. I would wear my mothers underwear, but she caught me. She did threaten to punish me by buying me ladies underwear. I begged her to, but mom didn’t carry her threat through. But mom recently died. This fired me up to start cross dressing once again. My wardrobe has changed from male to feminine. But I wonder how I can get rid of all my body hairs, even round my genital area. I would be glad of any information on this. Thanks Maria
  • Because of anatomy, women walk differently than men and it is my understanding that this walk cycle can be quite difficult to master. In any case, it will always be "performance art" for anyone born male. Please enjoy the video.
  • Hi, I may be visiting New Zealand within the next month or so. I'm going to need to do a few things while I'm there. I hope to be landing in Auckland. The first is a crossdressing makeover. NZ has a significant LGBT community; but I can't find a place online. I've got every search engine in the world, but no luck. Can someone help me out with this? Secondly, I need to go wardrobe shopping. I need everything. I also need to go somewhere they'll actually measure me. Most importantly, I need to learn how to contact "real" CDs, who are open to sharing with newbies. So far, the only thing I've come up with is going to Drag-Shows and trying to get an introduction to one or more of the performers to get hooked-up. I suppose maybe even offering an honorarium might not be such a bad thing. As you can probably tell I could benefit from some advice in this area. I want to be percieved as being sincere and not an admirer looking for a date.


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