Jul 4, 2018

The hidden truth..


Hi Juliette,

1st of all i new to your site after finding your, amazing video's on youtube.

and what a stunning beautiful woman you are .


I like yourself and many other's have this hidden urge to Crossdress, and have done since was a child around the age of 10, (i think my 1st was taking a pair of silk knickers from a friends mum's washing), the feeling of silk and the pumping heart will remain with me for ever..


Over the years i have collected clothes and thrown them away, as you do and start all over again, but i always kept a pair of my fav' 'nicks as it never leaves you the urge to Crossdress..


i have never had a understanding partner so my dressing is kept under wraps, my urge is getting stronger and with the aid of the internet, you find so many like minded people,

i am getting the bottle to go full hog dressed and a night in Blackpool, but as yet i still haven't made that jump, hopefully some time this year i will, i'm now 40+ and been Crossdresser as said since the tender young age ,


I so need to get out there and feel what its like to be out in public dresser as a woman,

Please keep the posting your videos and sorry about my long winded post

Best wishes

Nina xx

Aug 30, 2018

Hi Nina,


Thanks for the mail, I really appreciate you taking the time to contact me, sorry this reply took so long but I missed this in my other messages... Hopefully you get the opportunity to make more of this soon, as I know from visits to Leeds / Manchester, there are some great places to go out in the north.


Have you ever been to a dressing service that's close to you? I know of a couple in the north that are supposed to be very good. I'm assuming you're 'oop north' based on Blackpool as a destination :)


Juliette x

Feb 20

Thank you for the reply Juliette,

haha yes i Northern, Merseyside area

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  • Hi. I am new to crossdressing. Used to do it when younger. I would wear my mothers underwear, but she caught me. She did threaten to punish me by buying me ladies underwear. I begged her to, but mom didn’t carry her threat through. But mom recently died. This fired me up to start cross dressing once again. My wardrobe has changed from male to feminine. But I wonder how I can get rid of all my body hairs, even round my genital area. I would be glad of any information on this. Thanks Maria
  • Because of anatomy, women walk differently than men and it is my understanding that this walk cycle can be quite difficult to master. In any case, it will always be "performance art" for anyone born male. Please enjoy the video.
  • Hi, I may be visiting New Zealand within the next month or so. I'm going to need to do a few things while I'm there. I hope to be landing in Auckland. The first is a crossdressing makeover. NZ has a significant LGBT community; but I can't find a place online. I've got every search engine in the world, but no luck. Can someone help me out with this? Secondly, I need to go wardrobe shopping. I need everything. I also need to go somewhere they'll actually measure me. Most importantly, I need to learn how to contact "real" CDs, who are open to sharing with newbies. So far, the only thing I've come up with is going to Drag-Shows and trying to get an introduction to one or more of the performers to get hooked-up. I suppose maybe even offering an honorarium might not be such a bad thing. As you can probably tell I could benefit from some advice in this area. I want to be percieved as being sincere and not an admirer looking for a date.


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