May 15, 2018



Advice please. Having just binned another pair I'm going to need to restock soon, however I have a slight (bad choice of words) problem. Being 6'2" out of heels getting tights which fit is not easy.

As ever the girls at LTS are wonderfully helpful and the fit I get from their tights is wonderful, however the appearance is, erm, functional.

Typical high street stockists provide a better look but just do not carry the range of sizes and even when they do stock for 6' plus I find their products actually rather painful on the toes after an hour or so.

As I say any advice or tips most welcome.

Have fun.

May 18, 2018

Hi Stella,


I'm not sure what to say on this one, I've always bought larger sizes of tights and had no issues. I may have proportionally shorter legs than you :) As a side note, I know that a girls swear by Wolford as a brand but I've always found them very expensive and I really don't value tights enough to pay that much for them :)


To be frank, I buy all my tights from Tesco :) maybe they have a secret stretch that the others don't?



May 18, 2018

Dear Juliette,

Thank you, and yes I'm a bit long in the leg, and some say in the tooth as well! Concur Tesco works better than most but I find that they just don't last.

Will look into Wolford, just keen to have something a little more sheer that will last more than once and be comfortable.

Have fun.


Aug 30, 2018

Dear Stella, Transparenze is another good brand, as well as Cecilia de Rafael. They both have a diverse size and color range, and varying denier for whatever you desire. Hope that helps. Good luck.


Oct 12, 2018

Dear Tracy,

Thank you for the tip much appreciated. Apologies for my delay in posting this response, for some odd reason I'd been unable to publish comments. Thanks again, Stella

Feb 15

Well, well, well, I think you can add saleswoman to your skill set!

Having seen you in the Wolford tights decided to invest. The pair I got are lovely, asbsolutely worth the outlay, just a shame that they came a little too late for a girls night out.

Thank you once again.

Have fun, Stella

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