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Dec 17, 2018

The skinny? Nic Cage in a rock-fuelled psychedelic horror flick. You're in, right? Right. First things First the horror. Watch the Walking Dead? This is tame in terms of gore. But what you REALLY ne
Dec 16, 2018

OK, so I'm in two minds about this show. On the one hand there is much to enjoy... the production quality is pretty good, certain aspects (Robot, Mr Smith) have received a welcome update but some asp
Dec 17, 2018

Oh dear. Why couldn't it have been Phoebe Waller-Bridge or Olivia Coleman? Female Doctor? 👍 Whittaker? 💤 And now, no new Who in 2019. No, New Year's Day does not count. I won't mention Chibnall's w


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