Dec 16, 2018

Doctor Who - Elephant in the Room


Edited: Dec 16, 2018

Oh dear. Why couldn't it have been Phoebe Waller-Bridge or Olivia Coleman? Female Doctor? 👍 Whittaker? 💤

And now, no new Who in 2019. No, New Year's Day does not count.

I won't mention Chibnall's writing. I need a lie down.

When Bradley Walsh is the best thing in a show? That's a sign of the end of days surely...

A disappointing 5 Abbies 😘

Dec 17, 2018

Not watching it at the moment, I'm just getting my daughter into Who and I've no interest in the later stuff until we've gone through the earlier ones... For me it peaked with Tennant / Smith, I didn't get on board with Capaldi so this new Dr. might just be a breath of fresh air once we get to it. However, Dr. Who shouldn't resonate with us really, it's a children's show that we can watch with them, I think that a Dr. Who show that appeals to adults in it's own right would break the link with future audiences...

Dec 17, 2018

Watching with your daughter will likely be perfect, I'll happily say that. The perspective above is solely my own. My own daughter's 21 and I've not seen her in 12 years so there's that.

But for a family audience I think the show is likely stronger than it's been in years.

An easy 7-8 Abbies in that context. ☺

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