Dec 16, 2018

Mandy - Dialled down Nic Cage? WTF?


Edited: Dec 16, 2018

The skinny? Nic Cage in a rock-fuelled psychedelic horror flick.

You're in, right? Right.

First things First the horror. Watch the Walking Dead? This is tame in terms of gore.

But what you REALLY need to know is this is Cage's best film in an age. I was in tears. Twice. If you're married watch this alone or you'll lose it. Cage's performance is incredible. Even when he 'Cage's' out you STILL sympathise. I'd do everything he does.

Need more? The style is incredible too. That this is only Casmatos' 2nd feature beggers belief.

If you've the emotional fortitude and a gore-proof stomach get you some.

A solid 8 Abbies 😘

Dec 17, 2018

We aren't going to see eye to eye on this one, Nic Cage has diluted his brand to the point of no return for me, if he vanished for a while and reemerged Travolta / Pulp Fiction style then maybe but I can't keep looking back to 1998 and forgiving him...


I've seen the film and it's Andrea Riseborough who makes it worth seeing. She was great in Black Mirror and The Death of Stalin and although she's not in the film for very long, the whole thing hinges on her performance for me. Overall I didn't like the film, it reminded me a lot of Winding-Refn's work and he's someone that I just don't connect with. I know he's one of these directors that you are supposed to like who are challenging (similar to Aronofsky) and I 'get' their films, I just don't like them.


A film that I did enjoy was Brawl in Cell Block 99. I quite like it when the films drop the fever dream artistic elements and focus on the raw personal drivers of a character. That film has the intensity but it's stripped of all the window dressing and in some cases the pretension.

Dec 17, 2018Edited: Dec 17, 2018

Oh I dislike Winding Refn too. And Aronovsky? Maybe Requiem for a Dream. Maybe. (I'll be caught up to your Mother! review vid soon!)

Agreed on Brawl though. Vince Vaughan is relevatory. And yeah nicely straightforward. Solid movie that. See, we can agree. 😘

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