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Jan 1

A new transformation video please, Juliette. I greatly enjoyed your Bond to Bond Girl vid, a lovely bit of fun. However, I think you have a much more interesting spy-themed male to female video in you
Jun 1, 2018

Hi Juliette, i was wondering what you do for shapewear and how big an effect it has on the overall appearance, ive tried spanx but it seems to only make my whole body slimmer, but not more feminine, w
Jun 8, 2018

Hi Juliette, Great that you have provided videos with tips on how to stand, walk and generally feel comfortable in heels. Perhaps you could do something around what styles of shoe work for you for par
May 19, 2018

Hi Juliette You've done superb videos about your wife and your neighbours. Would you please do one about coming out or not to friends and family? If you've done so at all, what was their reaction?


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