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Natural or False?

Natural nails are like the Holy Grail for me, I've tried a few times to grow mine but have been unable to sustain them as I'd like.  I have a job that requires me to do a lot of typing and I've never been able to adjust to longer nails for long enough.

Having said that, I also find false nails to be a pain, especially if what you are looking for is a distinctly temporary solution.  I've lost many nails whilst adjusting clothing or just changing the radio in the car.  Trying to find a nail somewhere in the footwell at nighttime is annoying to say the least.

Essentially, everything here has its upsides and its downsides, the key is to do something that works for you.

Juliette Noir Hailey Wig

Growing your nails

I grow my nails a couple of times a year and I probably get them out to about 8mm beyond the end of my finger.  I struggle with the strength of the nail unless I use some form of polish but there are times when I don't want bright red nails when I'm out shopping for food.

I've tried using clear varnish but I find that these are incredibly shiny and again, not great for a relatively 'low key' look.  I have had much better success using the pink base coat from a French polish set.  I find that the pale pink matches my nail bed very well (as its intended to) and does a good job of strengthening the nail without drawing too much attention.

Moving on from there, I struggle with 

Choosing a first wig

When you are buying a wig for the first time it can be a daunting decision to make, particularly on a budget.  My advice is to go simple and cheap to begin with.


My first wig cost about £40 and was a synthetic, black bob pictured here.  I bought this because it seemed manageable and it was pretty cheap.  I'm still using it 15 years later and it's aged a lot better than me!

My tendency is towards the conservative when I'm getting into something new so I would advise going for a wig with straight hair, around shoulder length, synthetic fibres and with a natural colour (e.g. darker roots if it's blonde).  Spend around £30-50 if you can and look for deals on end of stock items.  You aren't going to get quality and flamboyant style for that money and I'd rather opt for quality.

Juliette Nor first wig
Juliette Noir Angelica

Branching out

Understanding what type of wig will work for you is pretty hit and miss with online shopping and people could go their whole dressing life not realising that a groundbreaking new look is just a few clicks away.

My primary advice is to look for either wig shops or dressing services that have a wide variety of wig options for you to try.


My first (and for a long time my favourite) Noriko "Angelica" wig was one I tried on at Translife in Brighton.  I'd gone there for a makeover and tried on several wigs.  This was my first ever usage of blonde and I couldn't stop looking at what a difference it made to me.

These services give you an excellent opportunity to get your hands on several different wig types and see what really works for you.

Wig types

For the longest time I remained a complete noob when it came to different types and styles of wigs.  Monofilament, Lace Front, Human hair blend? so many different options that it's hard to get started.  Here's my perspective:

Synthetic vs human hair - I've only ever owned synthetic but I've tried human hair and although I could tell the different with the feel, I didn't notice any spectacular difference in look.

Monofilament - Looks more natural as if the hair is rising from the scalp but for casual wear isn't essential

Lace Front - Achieves a really nice, blended hairline that looks natural (see "Taylor").  Lace front wigs are the biggest change to my routine on wigs, they can achieve some stunning and natural looking results

Juliette Noir MissTresses Wig
Juliette Noir Alix

Buying Options

Most of my wigs are from two brands, Noriko and Hair by MissTresses.

Noriko - Really lovely wigs which tend to be pricey but are widely available and stocked at many online stores including Amazon.  Shop around for the best price on the style you like.

Hair By MissTresses - An online store that design their own range of wigs which cover a wide variety of styles from the sensible to the more flamboyant.  They also have a physical location that you can visit by appointment to try on different styles in comfort.  I would thoroughly recommend their service, see my video review here:

Storage and Maintenance

Storage - I keep my wigs in some plastic covers that I bought from Amazon.  These keep them clean and dust free and can be hung up in the wardrobe if space is a premium.  I curl the wigs up and store them in a hair net before putting them in the plastic cover for safekeeping.

Maintenance - I won't go into details of how to wash wigs, you can find that on many different websites and it's always a good idea to follow the manufacturer guidelines.  What I will say is that shorter 'bob' styles last way longer than others because you don't get sweat on the back of the neck which strips the fibres and causes that irritating tangling...

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