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Other Sites and Links

I've added here a number of links to sites that I either use or know of well.  These are all locations that I have bought from in the past.

Bananashoes - link




Bananashoes are a fantastic source for Pleaser brand shoes in the UK.  Stock selection and customer service are excellent and they have always done a great job of delivery and returns for items that don't fit perfectly.

I can thoroughly recommend Bananashoes for their excellent service and support.

Celebwigs - link


In my opinion, Celebwigs offer a great range of good quality but affordable wigs to suit any taste.  Their brands range from everyday wear to more extravagant 'Dolls Head' wigs.

In addition, Celebwigs can arrange appointments in advance to try on certain styles and see what suits.

Boobsshop - link


Hip Pads

Boobsshop is a fantastic site run by Jeanne that produces Breastplates and Hip Pads for crossdressers and anyone who wants to enhance their natural figure.  Delivery is fast and I've never had anything other than a positive experience using Jeanne's service.

A 100% recommendation.

Boys Will Be Girls - link



Escorted Trips

Boys Will Be Girls is a fabulous makeover service in London run by Cindy.  Cindy is just the most charming and adorable person who can make anyone feel comfortable.  I've been to Cindy 5 times and I've never had anything less than a stellar experience.

I've learnt so much from Cindy, I know I wouldn't be where I am today without her.

Translife - link


Escorted Trips



Breast Forms


Andrew is the first person I ever went to see for a makeover and opened my eyes to what is achievable with my face.  Based just outside Brighton, Translife is a great place to pick up a number of early 'essentials' online.

As a 'one stop shop' online for so many different items, Translife is a great place to start looking for your first or next purchase.

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