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Makeover Services

Makeover from Andrew at Translife in Brighton.  March 2015.  My first introduction to MAC and purple lips.

Event Makeovers

If you are attending an event such as a trans-friendly night (BNO / LFF etc.), you are very likely to find local artists who will provide a makeover service at a local hotel or designated venue.

Most of these t-nights usually have one or two hotels that are regular haunts for attending girls and act as an ideal hub for an artist to deal with 4-5 clients on a single night.

Social Media sites such as TVChix have events pages where you can indicate your attendance.  Check the day of your event for local artists offering makeovers and contact them directly through the site.

In addition, you will also find that many of the dressing services below will also offer escorted trips to a local venue.

Brand Makeovers

As an alternative to a dressing service, you can also get a makeover from certain high street outlets such as MAC.  I went for a MAC makeover in 2015 at a shopping centre in Reading.

I met my friend Yjselle and sat in a salon chair in the middle of a department store on a Tuesday afternoon.  This was my first trip out during the day and I was hovering somewhere between petrified and elated.

The staff at MAC were excellent and we had a really good discussion about colours, palettes, techniques, brushes etc..  At the time, the makeover cost £50 and you were able to take £50 of MAC product with you for free.  This made it exceptionally good value as we also fitted in an afternoon of shopping and coffee and a meal out in the evening.

Other places I've been or been recommended


The advantages of using a Makeover service are tremendous.  Makeover artists can provide expert guidance on a range of topics and depending on their facilities will be able to offer you a wide range of options to choose from.

Choosing a makeover service for the first time is difficult, especially if you are unsure about what you want.  Luckily there are some excellent options in the UK that I have used personally or have heard glowing recommendations from friends.

The first thing to decide is whether you just need an expert application of makeup / nails etc. for an evening or are you looking for a full transformation with borrowed outfits and photos?

Makeover by Cindy of 'Boys Will Be Girls' in London - October 2016

Just amazing results that blew me away

Dressing Services

There are several excellent dressing services in the UK which I've either visited or heard excellent things about.  The dressing service typically takes place over 2-4 hours and includes a full makeover, nails, 1 or more outfit changes and photos.

I typically find that most provide a range of services and length of visit ranging from 1 hour to a full day and will often incorporate daytime or evening escorted trips to local venues.

Having someone accompany you on your first venture outside is incredibly encouraging and can make those first steps that much easier, especially in the daytime.

Makeover from the lovely Yasmine at MAC in House of Fraser, Reading - July 2015

A great first daytime trip out with Yjselle

Boys Will Be Girls

I really can't say enough about Cindy and Boys Will Be Girls.  As an experience it's without doubt the most comfortable I've been in a dressing service.

I have been to see Cindy 5 times.  4 times for makeovers and photo shoots and once for a makeup lesson with a focus on eyes.  I've learnt so much from my visits to Cindy that I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am today without her.

Cindy is ideally located for an evening out in London and arranges escorted trips to a number of nights out.  If you are looking for a relaxed and supportive environment I couldn't recommend her highly enough.  I've included a link to her website above and in the picture.

Translife - I had my first ever makeover from Andrew at Translife in Brighton.  I had my first introduction to MAC, I tried on several wigs and found one of my favourites there.  As well as makeovers, Translife also have an online shop where you can buy wigs, makeup, breast forms etc.

The Boudoir - Jodie Lynn is something of a legend in makeover circles and I have several friends who visit with her on a regular basis.  Although I've never been to the Boudoir, it's certainly on my list of places to visit and I've heard nothing but positive recommendations.  I've been out on several occasions when Jodie is running escorted trips to a club and the girls always look sensational.

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