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Face Makeup

A mysterious art...

Makeup skills take time to develop and do not come naturally to many crossdressers.  I started relatively late in life and didn't apply makeup until I was in my 30s.

Good makeup skills can appear like alchemy or magic to many of us when we first start and we face a bewildering array of products and techniques.

The main problem is that the most valuable commodity in developing makeup skills is one that eludes many of us:  Time.  We simply lack the time to practice or are unable to relax and work on our skills in a comfortable environment.

Skin Tones and what works

I wasted a lot of money on foundation etc. that just wasn't right for my skin.  I had no idea how to colour match myself, particularly when shopping online.  That's why I would recommend taking one of three steps...

Get colour matched - Go to a department store or makeup store and ask them to colour match you.  You will of course need to explain your requirement and choose a brand first.  I like MAC but maybe you fancy something different?

Get a Makeover - An ideal way to achieve many things at once.  If you go for a makeover, make a note of the Product and shade used, particularly if you are happy with the result.  Ask about alternative shades for other Products.

Online - There are foundation guides such as this one from Charlotte Tilbury which can be helpful.  Having said this, I have tried these myself and I still can't decide with certainly on a colour.  It will however help you avoid something that is blatantly wrong for you.

Brands - who to trust?

Choosing makeup is a mine-field.  There are so many options on the market but many of us simply don't have the room or budget to experiment with many different brands or products.

No matter where you go or who you speak to, you are going to come across Kryolan at some point.  As a brand, Kryolan has been a staple of the crossdressing community for years.  I use several products including TV Paint Sticks, Ultra Foundation and Derma Color Camouflage Creme.

Branching out however, I have gravitated towards other brands with MAC being a particular favourite.  If you have the confidence to do so, visit a cosmetics store in person and ask for advice.  You'll be surprised at how your custom is equally as welcome as any woman's.

NYX is a Brand which I have recently dipped into for items such as lipsticks.  I typically find them to be comparable to MAC but not to the point where I would switch my buying habits.

The Face - My Essential Products

  • Foundation - Kryolan TV Paint Stick - £17.20 (I use 4W and 5W)

  • Contour Kit - All in one kit such as these on Amazon - £10

  • Setting Powder - Coty Airspun - £10 on Amazon

  • Bronzer and Blush - Anything you like - £10

  • Brushes - Any set of cheap brushes including a powder brush - £10

  • Makeup Sponges - Cheap triangular ones - £3

Total = £60.20 for easily 100 applications

Expect the Foundation to run out first and need to be replaced, the rest will last for longer.

The Face - My Full Routine

Total = £211


Foundation will again run out first but you'll get perhaps 20-30 applications here.  The rest will last for ages.

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