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Eye Makeup

The window to the soul?

Makeup for the eyes has always been one of my most elusive and difficult skills to master.  I still consider myself to be something of an amateur at this stage.

While lips are probably the show-off of the face, the eyes are the core that everything else revolves around.  They are also the area of makeup that has by far the greatest variation of techniques and products in a single look.

I'm still working on this so I aim to add more here as I go but this is my basic process and the things I've done to start in the right way.

Eyes - My Essential Products

  • Highlight Eyesocket - Reuse whatever you have for your contouring - Free

  • Setting Powder - Use whatever you have for your face e.g. Coty Airspun - Free

  • Eyeshadows - Small pallet of blacks / browns - £5

  • Eyeliner for waterline - Eyeliner pencil - £5

  • Eyeliner for lid / wings - Maybelline Master Ink - £5

  • Eyebrows - Eyebrow pencil - £5

  • Mascara - I use the free samples from MAC but any cheap one will do - £5

  • Brushes - Reuse your cheap brush set - Free

Total = £25 for easily 100's of applications, if you feel like splashing out for basics, I thoroughly recommend the below:

Eye Makeup

Eyes - My Essential Tips

​Highlighting - Using highlight in your eyesocket can help to define your brow and hide any stray hairs.

Shadow - Pigments are a great way of achieving bold looks quite easily.  The Blue / Brown from MAC is an excellent base

Shadow - Smokey eyes are a great way to start learning to blend with a few simple colours such as browns

Blending - Take your time and remember it's far easier to add more than to remove.  Apply less pressure as you blend out for a more seamless look

Waterline - Your waterline can be very sensitive.  I really don't like pencils for this area and have found the MAC Fluidline to be a great alternative although it's a jump in price...

False Lashes and Mascara

I have always struggled with false eyelashes, they are one of those fiddly things that need to be done after everything else and often got left off because you've run out of time or just can't face the faff....

Over time I've worked out a way that seems to be at least predictable in its results and I've outlined that in the video to the right.

As always, practice makes perfect and it needs a relatively steady hand to get something that looks seamless to your existing lash line.

Lash and Mascara Products

Mascara - I've never bought one - I choose a MAC free sample every time I buy anything online or in store from MAC.

Disposable Lashes - I bought a pack of 60 fibre eyelashes from Bella Hair on Amazon.  They are nice and flexible but I wouldn't try to reuse them - £16 for 60 pairs

Lash glue - I use Lashfix Quick Finish from Eyelure - £4

Reusable lashes - I've bought a few pairs from MAC that are good for 3-5 uses but my fairly amateurish early attempts would ruin them in 1 use.  I recommend starting with a cheaper, disposable brand before buying something more flamboyant

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