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Ask Me Anything - Advice on Choosing and Buying Wigs?

Hiya :)

I've been asked questions recently about wig selections and how I have either chosen my wigs or how I opt for one over the other on a daily basis. In this video I've tackled mostly the first part of that equation: what kind of wigs have I bought and what do I think of them.

I've bought a number of wigs over the years from cheap to expensive and from gorgeous to disastrous. In this video I've covered some background on how I've gone about making selections, the kind of place I've bought from and where I've had the most success.

Here's a little more detail on my thoughts on certain topics.


Budget range will determine a lot about your options but it doesn't have to be a sacrifice of your look or your ambitions. My best wearing wig is nearly 15 years old and cost me about £30-50 as I recall. It still looks exactly the same today as it ever did.

Brands like Noriko or Jon Renau will retail anywhere from £70 to £250 depending on style and length for a synthetic wig so making sure that you're getting value for money is essential.


I don't recall ever looking at someone and really thinking 'Wow, that wig really doesn't suit you'. I guess this is mostly because we all tend to opt for a medium to long length in either black, brown or blonde. Essentially the same styles and colours that you see every day on women in your high street. This is exactly what I've done over the years.

Branching out from this can be a little daunting but as someone who personally knows at least 5 people with the same 'Angelica' wig by Noriko, I can say that I'm ready to push the boat out a little and try something new. I suspect my next wig is far more likely to be auburn or something very different :)

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