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Ask Me Anything - If you could merge your two 'sides' together and live that way, would you?

This was a really interesting question from 'fashionforwardfellow' on YouTube. We've been exchanging mails on relates subjects and I'm happy to report that we have similar but very different takes on the subject of what it means to be a crossdresser and the role of clothes in society.

I would like to thank 'fashionforwardfellow' for the polite and interesting exchange and while we certainly hold very different views, there is enough alignment that we can at least appreciate each other's opinion. Even if he is wrong :)

This is certainly one of my longer videos so congratulations to anyone that makes it through to the end, there's a quick section where I show you how well I can cross my eyes as a reward for finishing the video.

Take care to you all and I look forward to posting again soon. I've got some exciting plans for over the Easter break and I'm looking forward to getting some interesting new content on here soon. Take care and Byeee!!

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