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Face of Suffrage Art Installation

I was recently delighted to be asked to submit a photo of mine for the Face of Suffrage art project which is taking place in this year. The Face of Suffrage will take approximately 3500 photos submitted by various people, each with a unique story, and bring these together in a giant mosaic to form the likeness of a local suffragette. This art project is created by Helen Marshall as part of her studio 'The People's Picture' which has created a number of similar art works for various events.

I feel strongly that women's rights is not a subject that can be taken for granted and as such there is always work that can be done to forward and secure the rights of women for future generations. The image used reflects much of me as a person, some of the femininity and masculinity that makes up my personality.

You can find out more about the 'Face of Suffrage' installation, including where and when to visit at the website location embedded below.

In addition, I was thrilled to be asked to provide a little more information for a BBC News article which was published this week. I'm more than proud to be a vocal ally for this campaign and to add my story to those of the women that have made such a difference over the past 100 years.

Please take some time to have a look at some of the stories mentioned in these sites, they are a mixture of the ordinary and the extraordinary in a way that highlights the equal contribution that women make to our world.

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Christina III
Christina III
Oct 24, 2018

Congratulation Juliette

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