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Bowling and Dinner

Every couple of months I get together with a group of people for a social evening and a bit of a catch up. It's important to me because it was the first event I ever attended in the daytime and it's a purely fun get-together of a wide range of people

On this occasion we met at a pub for a drink before heading to the local lanes for some ten pin bowling. I've not bowled in over 20 years so this took some getting back into the swing. After a decidedly shaky start I managed to regain my composure and finish in a respectable third place overall. Gilly ran away with the competition but then bowling was her suggestion. I suspect shenanigans...

The venue was exactly as you would expect with a lot of families and groups of young people having a good time.

As I've come to expect in general, there were no issues and no problems to deal with (other than the dodgy shoes) and it made a really interesting change to our typical outings.

At the end of the game we left for dinner at Bill's where we had a really pleasant evening. The food in Bill's is always decent (I had the spicy chicken and the grilled seabass) and pretty reliable, I've never had a bad meal there.

In general we chat about all sorts of stuff and it's nice to relax and unwind with a 'normal' evening with friends.

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Sinclair Hinds
Sinclair Hinds
09 feb 2019

You all ways look wonderful

Me gusta

20 dic 2018

Hi juliette just joined and very impressed with your website and videos and pictures. Your story of how you started dressing very interesting. I find it very helpful that you share your videos xx I my self stepped out into Leeds for the lff in October for the first time and found it extremely exhilarating and just loved it. So much so that am attending Leeds lff in February and April 2019 xx hopefully one day see you there x keep up the good work love Lyn x

Look forward to reading and watching the rest of your video diaries x

Me gusta

Christina III
Christina III
06 sept 2018

Thank You for sharing your video . I always enjoy seeing your photos and updates. You always look wonderful. You give me hope that maybe one day I'll go out and live a Christina day. You have a natural beauty. Looking forward to what comes next. You help me smile.

Christina III

Me gusta
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