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Male to Female Transformation

Hello All,

This is a companion piece to my most recent video above, I've been thinking of doing a transformation video for some time and now seemed like the best opportunity. A simple office to club type approach seemed to be the best starting point although I'd like to try other ideas in the future... Hope you like the video!

Here are all the Products I used and in order!

Beard Concealer - Kryolan Dermacolour in 'D32'

Setting Powder - Coty Airspun

Foundation - MAC Pro Longwear in 'NW25'

Highlight - Kryolan Ultra Foundation in 'Fair Olive'

Contour - Kryolan Ultra Foundation in 'Tan 5'

Setting Powder- Coty Airspun

Eyebrow - MAC Veluxe Brow Liner in 'Deep Dark Brunette'

Eyeshadow - MAC Warm Neutral Palette in 'Divine Decadence' and 'Creative Copper'

Eye Pigment - MAC in 'Copper Sparkle'

Bronzer - MAC D95 'Matte Bronze'

Blush - MAC in 'Margin'

Finishing Powder - MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in 'Soft and Gentle'

Lip Liner - MAC Pro Longwear in 'More to Love'

Lipstick - MAC Retro Matte Liquid in 'Slipper Orchid'

Lipgloss - MAC Lipglass

Mascara - MAC Upward Lash

Any questions, please let me know!

Juliette xoxo

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christopher Hilsdon
christopher Hilsdon
Apr 21, 2023

You look amazing. I wanna be just like you as ive finally got my head around the fact that I'm a crossdresser


stephen braungart
stephen braungart
Feb 07, 2021

I love that video hopefully I can get my life together after my prostate cancer reparation and then I'll be back on dressing up as everything but I love short skirts blouses stockings and my heels I got 14 pairs of heels I got I love wearing heels so I enjoyed it and I hope the best for you and I will be here with you forever I love you my dear I'll talk to you later bye-bye this is Steve Braungart from Vernon New York phone number is 315-200-6550 and I hope I hear from you I love you sweetheart bye-bye


Star Gemina
Star Gemina
Jun 17, 2018

Ahhh fantastic video, love the work you are doing and with a results! Love it.

Thanks for sharing its amazing inspirations for me!

I may have some ideas for transformation video.

Love Star 🌟


Christina III
Christina III
Jun 16, 2018

Fabulous as always. I wish I could get ready that quick. I do feel that once I'm dressed it is pretty much out to the back porch with no where I can go. Sucks being closeted by my own fear of acceptance. Still looking for places to go as Christina III

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